Receiving Prayer Ministry

There is no fee charged for prayer ministry, we do however request a donation be made to Freedom House Canada Inc. which would be receipted for income tax exemption.

All individuals are required to fill out a Liability Waiver. In the case of continued sessions or the intensive week, the individual will be asked to fill out a History Questionnaire.
In the case of a male prayer minister ministering to a lady, there will be a female prayer partner always present.
Prayer ministry basically occurs in different settings depending on the individuals needs or issues to be addressed.

Scheduled Sessions:
Ministry sessions can be scheduled for 1 ½ hour time blocks. The time length of each session is flexible but must be per determined. Multiply sessions can be booked in advance, once a week, every other week, once every three weeks or once a month, again depending on the individuals availability and the issues.

Intensive Week:
The intensive week prayer ministry is a consecutive predetermined three to five days of ministry. The days consist of a three hour session and related assignments to complete between sessions. To get the most of an intensive week, we strongly recommend for the individual to remove themselves from all other responsibilities such as work, social events and even family.

For further information please contact us here.