Counselling vs Prayer Ministry


The counsellor’s role is to create an atmosphere wherein the counselee is enabled to examine their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to allow them to ultimately arrive at their solutions that would serve them best to meet their desired goals and the lifestyle they choose, according to their beliefs.

It is the counsellor’s role to assist the counselee to find answers that are most harmonious with their own values.

The counsellor’s role is not to persuade, preach, or convince the counselee of a proper behaviour, action or lifestyle to live out, but rather to help them see their present behaviour or actions, so they can determine to what extent it is serving them.

If the counselee acknowledges that their present behaviours or actions are not serving them well, it is then for the counsellor to encourage them to develop new behaviours and actions according to the values they choose, enabling them to meet their goals.

Counselling is not about getting counselees to conform to acceptable standards. Rather, it is a process by which counselees are challenged to honestly evaluate their values and decide for themselves in what ways they will modify those values and their behaviour.

Prayer Ministry

In contrast, prayer ministry purposes to present a defined goal or mandate through defined values. That value is laid out in the Bible from Genesis through to Revelation.

The Freedom House mandate is to facilitate the visiting individual to meet with God unto a deeper relationship with a clearer understanding of God’s character, God’s desires for their life and His absolute biblical principals, out of which inner healing will flow.

Prayer Ministry does not promote that all self-perceived goals, desires, behaviours, beliefs and values are able to be a means to achieving the mandate of having a relationship with God. Nor would they necessarily achieve the inner healing of emotions, wounding within our hearts and/or the physical manifestations thereof.

Prayer Ministry does not embrace that our personal beliefs and desires can sway or override God’s absolute principals.

Prayer Ministry is not a process to conform an individual, but rather a process by which God transforms the individual (Romans 12v 2).

Prayer Ministry purposes to pray and minister into and to teach about hindrances and blockages and equip the individual unto a deeper intimate relationship with God.