Basic Prayer Ministry Procedure

The purpose for prayer ministry is for the prayer minister to facilitate a meeting between the individual and Jesus or God by means of prayer and biblical principals to help the individual to:

Recognize and understand the fruit to root cycles as they apply to the problem issues of their life.
Recognize and understand the counterfeits to our four absolute basic human needs: 1) unconditional love, 2) security, sense of being safe, 3) affirmation, acceptance and 4) destiny, a reason for living.
Letting God meet their four basic needs.
Understand and except their responsibility for their part in the healing process.
Allow God to effectively deal with their issues.
Recognize and understand wrong heart motives.
To evangelise the unbelieving parts of the heart.
To come into a knowing and embracing of their true identity.
To come into intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The ministry time may look somewhat but certainly not limited to, as follows:

Each ministry time should begin and end with prayer.
Whenever a male prayer minister is ministering to a female, there would be a female prayer partner present.
During the first session, we determine what problem or circumstance has caused the person to come for ministry. We take their family history, looking for the quality of relationship that they had with their parents, other authority figures, siblings, and spouse. We look for patterns that might account for their present circumstance. We ask the person what they are hoping to accomplish during prayer ministry and what their expectations are.
We will ask the person to describe their relationship with God, helping them to see how their relationship with God has been affected by their life experiences. If they are not a born-again Christian, we will attempt to minister to their need for salvation, explaining that inner healing cannot be accomplished without the cross and a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
We purpose to determine early on in the sessions if there has been any involvement in the occult, either by the individual or their parents, grandparents, ancestors or other family members. If there is any such involvement, we may have the individual fill out a Spiritual Inventory Form and later minister for freedom from these activities.
If appropriate and/or applicable, we will lead the person in the Renunciation of Satanic Involvement and in the Rededication to Jesus Christ.
We look for recurring patterns of generational sin, such as health problems, incest, false religions, miscarriages and barrenness, fears, mental health problems, etc.
We look for indications of generational curses, such as family breakdown and alienation, ie. divorce, poverty, accident prone, etc.
We mean to help them to see how each event in their life has affected their view of themselves, others and of God and to see the fruit in their own life.
We purpose to help them to see the root or the event and the sin in it: others and their own.
We would purpose to bring the individual to confession, repentance and forgiveness.
We would recommend they ask God to forgive them for judging Him.
We would lead them to ask the Lord to change them, to give them fresh expectations consistent with who they are in Christ and to restore them to His original design.
We would ask Jesus to cleanse them – soul (mind, will & emotions) and body from the sin and the consequences of the sin and assure them that they have been forgiven.
We may ask them to express their willingness to remove their walls of self-protection over the area (eg. fear, shame, isolation, control, etc.) and ask God to be their protection from further pain and hurt.
We may ask them to lay the wound, the person, the negative emotions and the pain at the foot of the cross and let go of it, to relinquish the emotional pain to God and ask the Father to pour His love into the wound to bring about complete healing.
We would ask the Holy Spirit to minister to their soul wherever it may have become wounded.
We would likely ask the Father to impart His love and blessing (hands on ministry) and allow God’s love to touch and bring healing to the core pain.
We would purpose to offer some encouragement and comfort during the session if this seems appropriate, perhaps reminding the individual that God is always working and that whoever asks receives.
We may offer or recommend materials, home assignments, journaling of a sort, practical ways to apply what they have just experienced and/or other applicable helps.