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Most of us know the right way to answer the question, do we need God...yes! But do we live out our days in the understanding of why? I am not speaking of religion here....we do not need religion but we do need God. Actually religion is an obstacle to the true understanding of why we need Him. God is not about rules and regulations, He is not about performance and all the "I have to" expressions. It's easy to relate to needing Him in times of trouble for healing, for our finances, for our marriages and the likes. But there is a much deeper need that is not so obvious to us. A motor that is designed and built to run on gasoline needs gasoline to run efficiently. A flashlight built to run on batteries will require batteries. The human body is designed and created to run on certain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients for it to grow and sustain health and proper bodily functions. The same is true about our soul. If the soul is fed lies it will become sick. The world may argue that all the soul needs is truth, it doesn't need a god. The problem is the world tends to come up with its own versions of truth seldom agreeing with God's truths. In its search for truth, it is unable to come up with black and white answers....all truth becomes grey. If the worlds version of truth is not in agreement with Gods truth then it cannot be a truth, it can only be an untruth/a lie. Gen 1:27-28 tells us God created mankind in His own image, after His own likeness....making us to be of His own kind. I am speaking of our spiritual being of course. God is love and everything He does comes forth from within His love. Love is the spiritual energy so to speak that God thrives on....it is that which He expresses Himself by....and by which He functions and creates. We are spiritual beings and therefore designed to thrive on that same love energy as God. The moment Adam and Eve expressed themselves from an alternate disposition their soul became sick. To the measure we thrive on alternate sources of....let me use the word energies....to that same measure our soul will be sick. By sick I am referring to the mind, will and emotions being deceived, misguided, living out a lie. Simply the soul of man is not designed, or if you like, is not programmed to run on anything else other than the love of God. God designed, programmed and then created us to be in union with Himself on a most intimate level. To do so we needed to be of His kind. We are not like wild flowers in a field which we would look upon and say "aren't they beautiful, I just love wild flowers". No, we are His offspring, created in His own image, after His own likeness. We are spiritual beings occupying physical bodies. God created our physical body subject to the commands of our spiritual being....not the other way around as our feelings would dictate. We need God because without Him there is no life. He is more than an all powerful supernatural deity....He is the life source for all living forms of life....especially mankind. Just as where there is light, there is no darkness because light is the absence of darkness....so it is with love. In the confines of Gods love, there is no evil because Gods love is the absence of all evil. We can know God loves us but knowing is not the same as dwelling in it. We are meant to dwell in His love, not visit, but dwell there....to live in and by it. Living in it reveals His character, His ways and thoughts to us. Living by it is both receiving His love for ourselves personally and letting it pass through us to others....thereby feeding and nourishing our soul. We need God because we need the love of God to thrive. Only His love can transform us into the person we were purposed and created to be. Being in the love of God brings freedom, brings true lasting joy; it reveals, it transforms, gives strength and endurance, it protects, it satisfies, it brings and sustains both spiritual and physical health. His love guides us in all situations imparting wisdom, faith, courage and boldness, passion and hope for each day. When I see His love, I see who and how I am to be.
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William Broer

William Broer is the co-founder of freedom House Canada Incorporated. He has a real passion for ministering to the brokenhearted. Having studied under several high-profile ministries and interning with Elijah House ministries, Bill is committed to making the word of God practical in our everyday experiences.

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