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In Num 11 we read the story of how the Israelites complained about only having manna to eat. They wanted meat. It wasn’t that they were lacking nutrition…they just wanted a change from the everyday manna. So here is my question…was the Lord being unfaithful with His people? Or was the daily supply of manna actually a display of His faithfulness? His people wanted more…they were tired of the same food every meal. But is getting what we desire an expression of God’s faithfulness? I remember a time as a young boy of 6 or 7…not sure…I saw a bottle of what seemed to me to be candies. They were all different colours and seemed in my imagination to be calling out to me…eat me, eat me. I knew my mom would say no because I had asked before…so this time there was no asking. I snuck one…tasted good so I took another…and another…and another till half the jar was empty. Shortly after I took very ill. What appeared to me to be candy turned out to be anti-acid pills. So I ask again…was my mother’s “no” an expression of her faithfulness…or was she just denying me? 


God is the perfect Father knowing whats best…knowing what in our desires will harm us should He give us what we ask for. Like little children we are quick to judge Father as not listening, or not caring when we don’t get what we think we should have. In Jer 28:11 we read…”For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome”. A good earthly parent gives thought to what will be best for their child…he/she is not afraid to let their child be angry with them for they know the future outcome of their decisions will reap as it is sown.


It is not easy to always consider His ways as faithfulness. Many things can happen to us in this life…but in any and every situation He is always faithful…we just don’t get the bigger picture.

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William Broer

William Broer is the co-founder of freedom House Canada Incorporated. He has a real passion for ministering to the brokenhearted. Having studied under several high-profile ministries and interning with Elijah House ministries, Bill is committed to making the word of God practical in our everyday experiences.

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