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 In Psalms 66:1 David speaks…“Make a joyful noise unto God, all the earth”. Have you ever pondered the depth of these words…”make a joyful noise”? David implies that it is for each one of us to make our own noise. A noise that is birthed out of our own relationship with God. He speaks of this 6 times in the Psalms giving suggestions to do so through shouts, dance, expressions of praise and singing. David’s noise worked up to the surface from his deep feelings for the Lord. They were not the works of religious requirements or traditions…or even the “in thing” to do in his times. David had a close intimacy with God and it was out of this genuine intimacy that his expressions of love welled up to the surface in manifestations of “noise”. They were David’s own unique expressions. He never looked around to see what others were doing…he did his own thing…in what ever way it came out. 


For the most part his expressions of noise were not an effort to get into God’s presence or to get His attention. No…rather his noise spilled to the surface from being in God’s presence…from experiencially being aware God was being attentive. David’s spirit was stirred, leaping…his spirit could not be contained, spilling out finding release through his pyshical expressions. 


So it needs to be for each one of us…God loves listening to our noise. There is no noise as beautiful as the affectionate noises that come from the deep feelings of the heart. Likely this is why God had such a heart for David. David had his sinful faults just like the rest of us…but oh the noise he made unto God…that over shadowed his sin. David’s noise was fearless…looking to only please his Lord…not concerning himself of man’s reactions.

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William Broer

William Broer is the co-founder of freedom House Canada Incorporated. He has a real passion for ministering to the brokenhearted. Having studied under several high-profile ministries and interning with Elijah House ministries, Bill is committed to making the word of God practical in our everyday experiences.

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