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“Now Jesus Himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his [hometown]”. Jn 4:44
Our entire life is lived out of a thought. Well...thoughts to be exact...thoughts that revolve around who we think we are. These thoughts are like a home we live in. One single judgment of ourselves can affect the entire course of our lives and the lives of those around us. Most of us have many varying judgments of ourselves. These judgments change based on whether we feel safe or triggered by people and events around us. Much like homes to us, we dwell in these thoughts. We hide ourselves in them to keep ourselves safe. In every case, we developed our judgments of self to meet some need. We keep them because we now think them to be true...for the most part, they seldom are. Only what has come from God and been spoken into our heart through The Truth... is true.
Like all hometowns, the hometown of our soul is made up of the individual judgments of ourselves that we live out of. These ungodly judgments were formed based on how we perceived those around us to see us as when we were growing up. In essence, we agreed with how we thought others saw us. So, our immediate hometown environment (the collection of people around us that we took our messages of self from) directly determined and mirrored what the ‘hometown’ environment of our soul believed. We extended inwards what we thought we saw outwards. Then, believing these messages of self, we presented them outwards again. Since people receive us according to how we present ourselves, our new external hometown environment mirrored the original one we grew up in. Our original ‘home’ became our internal ‘home’ which now resembles our external ‘home’. This confirmed all the more what we already believed about ourselves.
We need a new where we find the great honor due us. Yet, Jesus Himself said, “A Prophet is without honor in his hometown”. It is in us that we must first know our honor! When we embrace the identity God gave us then we will embrace the honor in that identity; and the destiny that comes from it. We will never know our true identity and destiny until we live out of new thoughts. The home (our thoughts) we live in and out of...must change. 1Jn 4:16 says that he who lives in love lives in God and God in Him. This is the pattern for the “home life” of thought that Jesus lived in. Before the beginning of the world Jesus lived in the Presence of God’s love. Drinking in God’s love was not enough. He remained one with God by loving as God loved. This is how They could be one. If God is love, His every thought is love. By agreeing with God in every way Jesus too remained like God in thought. By living in God’s love, God’s love lived in the fibre of every thought and everything He did as directed by those thoughts. Our inner home is always a continuation of relationships. This is true, whether it is a relationship our mind has with God or one that we are still trying to have with our worldly interpretations of relationships.
What Jesus is really saying, as the root word suggests, is that no prophet has honor in his "fathers or parents" land. It is time for us to live in our own the land of our soul as established by our Heavenly Father. Let us change the thoughts of ourselves that we live by. To do this though, we have to let love in. We have to live in love so that love will live in us. By loving God and out of love for Him, by agreeing with His truths for us, The Truth will gradually expose our de-valuing self judgments. Then we can love those judgments into the nurturing them in love and truth. We have many thoughts that oppose God and His plans for us. Every time we become aware of an ungodly (untrue) self judgment, an ungodly expectancy, vow or coping mechanism it is up to us to seek God’s truth for those thoughts. As we do, we can then speak that truth into our mind for that thought to embrace the truth too. We must persuade our de-valuing thoughts to take on God’s thoughts instead. Our mind does not really want to live in self de-valuing thoughts. It wants to live the way we were designed to God’s thoughts and ways. That is where we find our true selves, our true purpose, our true honor and our true home.

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William Broer

William Broer is the co-founder of freedom House Canada Incorporated. He has a real passion for ministering to the brokenhearted. Having studied under several high-profile ministries and interning with Elijah House ministries, Bill is committed to making the word of God practical in our everyday experiences.