Freedom House Testimonies

The following are testimonies given by students who have experinced the benifits of the smaller ELIJAH HOUSE SCHOOL settings as facilitated by FREEDOM HOUSE CANADA INC.

Micelle shares: I am thrilled to finally be taking this course.  I have wanted to for so long and I was actually almost signed up for the two week intensive course in Georgia, until the Lord put Bill and Lynn Broer in our midst.  I began taking the Elijah House training course in September 2015.  To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about taking the course with a large group because I am not someone who enjoys sharing in large groups.  I know that this comes from a wounded part of me!!!  I am just saying that, I typically take a back seat in large groups and let everyone else share because I tend to be a shy and quiet person.   

When I found out that the group was going to go ahead with the three of us who were already familiar with each other, I was put a little at ease.  However, God seems to have orchestrated the perfect little group.  Although I already knew the two other ladies in the group, the Lord has certainly used this opportunity to grow me.  Having only three people in in our class, five including Bill and Lynn; our instructors, has not been as easy and comfortable as I thought it might be.  God knows what he is doing.  It has created a more intense and personal experience than I could have expected.  A more enjoyable one for me though because I am able to share openly and honestly without being able to disappear in the larger numbers of people.  I am able to ask questions, we are able to allow the spirit to stop us when one of us are struggling with something and as we take that time to explain; each person can gain a deeper understanding as God invites us into that.  It is amazing how the ministry is actually happening every week and the training becomes more than information download.   We are able to practice ministering to each other with hands on guidance and direction.  This allows us to be able to experience the magnitude of God’s work being done in us as we are guided through ministering with more than our own view of what and where God may be taking it.  There is an opportunity to have time to focus on the principals of the teaching, to allow it to sink in, to bring it home personally, and work through it.  

With the small group there is an opportunity for each of us to share what God has done in our lives with the lesson we learned the previous week and to seek a little deeper, which larger groups may not afford.  It’s really cool how the sharing time at the beginning of our session always leads and builds into the next lesson.  I never want to stop training!!!  It shows how important it is for a prayer counsellor to always be seeking the Lord first in their own life before helping another. 

I truly appreciate being able to come together once a week at Bill and Lynn’s home.  The cozy feel of this environment provides a safe, nurturing place to learn and to share which imitates for me the kind of personal connection that would not be attainable in a classroom setting.   The format that we have been so very fortunate to use has been incredibly beneficial in maximizing learning as well as intimacy with God and in developing the beautiful creations of His handiwork: Us, His servants.  


Nicole writes: I have appreciated the small group format with the Elijah House training. In my opinion it has many benefits like creating a safe environment to share, more intimate and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. Because of the type of ministry of Elijah House the small group enables it to be more personal. It has allowed me to trust the facilitators and the other two people in the group allowing the Holy Spirit to bring me to a deeper understanding of God’s truth. These characteristics of a small group I believe enhance the growth and learning of the training material.

Another benefit to what I have experienced in our small group is having the facilitators stay during ministry time. Their insight and knowledge is valuable.