Help us to help others!

We recognize in these economic times, families find it increasingly difficult to give donations to ministries or non-profit organizations. In being sensitive to this reality, Freedom House Canada Inc. has been taking steps to become more self supporting.

To this end, one way individuals can help our ministry is by making purchases from our Resource Store as well as signing up for our seminars. Encouraging others to do so as well would be greatly appreciated.

Other ways you can support us as well!

You could become an active participant on our website blog page or “like us” on our Freedom House facebook page. You could also pass on to your friends in your email address book to visit our website and “like us” on our facebook page as well.

We are always in need of different items such as office supplies, printing, photo coping, multimedia productions, building maintenance, from time to time furniture, computers, printer/copiers, sound equipment and such. We are able to also tax receipt such donations.

We certainly believe in the power of prayer. So please, if you feel called to intercede for our ministry, please contact us, we would love to speak to you.

Like other ministries, we could certainly use monetary donations as well. You could do so by using PayPal or by just sending in a check.